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captivating • motivating • life-changing

Award-winning communicator, creator of the Courageous Life Planning System, and author of 
A Call for Courage: Living With Power, Truth, and Love in an Age of Intolerance and Fear
If you're looking to start a fire, Mike is your match.


Your Audience Deserves the Best
Why just hire a speaker when you can revolutionize your audience? After all, don't you want the end of your event to be the start of something new, exciting, and life-changing? Of course you do. This is why Michael Anthony is the choice for your people. When you invite Mike, you get years of experience delivered with unparalleled passion — and world-class content. 

With Mike, it's not about merely feeding your audience information. It's not about tickling their ears. It's about touching their hearts and showing them the specific action steps they can immediately take in order to maximize their lives, cultivate courage, and influence others in the overflow. 

In a world where so many people are distracted, divided, and disillusioned, Mike will bring focus, synergy, and hope. When you're ready to positively ignite lives, invite Mike.
cookie-cutter messages. Michael delivers custom keynotes to help your people move forward. >>>

and LIFE

How we deal with people, and how we handle our time, determines our success in all of life. As creator of the Courageous Life Planning System, Mike knows exactly how to help people maximize their relationships, master their time, and take off.


Courage isn't something we're born with. It's something anyone can develop. Mike knows how to help people develop courage as their new way of life so they learn how to stand up, speak out, and expand their influence, in what has become a sit-down, shut-up world. 


After two decades of pastoral and ministry experience, Mike left the pastorate in order to help more people rediscover how there is no area of life where our faith is irrelevant. He believes modern Christianity is in need of a new reformation where truth and love travel together. "American Christianity," Mike says, "needs to be saved."


The world is changing so rapidly that it's often difficult to keep our emotions in check and our actions positive. Having faced death multiple times, Mike is an expert on how to navigate through turbulent, stressful situations, with tact and level-headed diplomacy. He knows how to help people live with power, truth, and love in a world where weakness, lies, and hatred are all around us.
What People Are Saying . . .

"Mike is one of the most gifted communicators that I've ever had contact with. He is clear, focused, and forceful. Lord willing, he will be a significant voice for this generation."

 Dr. Joe Aldrich 

“We were waiting for a Jonathan Edwards. I think he is finally here!"

 Monica Seitz

"OUTSTANDING! Michael Anthony will inspire you to live with courage in your personal life and family."

 Dimas Salaberrios
author of Street God

"Mike is one of the most gifted communicators that I've ever had contact with. He is clear, focused, and forceful. Lord willing, he will be a significant voice for this generation."

Dr. Joe Aldrich
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There are only two limiting factors on your life: those placed on you by your Creator and those you place on yourself. Have you in any way limited what God hasn't? It's your time to start living with no self-imposed limits.

Interview with Real Life TV

Michael discusses true spiritual awakening in America, and what's needed to bring it about. He explains how many Christians have mistaken church growth for discipleship, tolerance for love, relevance for truth, and education for application.


Is the Bible a book of exceptions or examples? How we answer this question shapes every aspect of our lives, for better or worse. Either faith or fear will dominate our lives -- and each of us has the power to choose. 

Interview with CBN TV

As the founder of the National Week of Repentance™️, Michael addresses America's need for a "second revolution" characterized by truth and love. When combined, truth and love add up to what Michael refers to as "humble courage."

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